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history and mission


The mission of Carney Fest is to produce, promote and perform a family-friendly outdoor experience that enriches our community’s cultural landscape through the power of music, leading to a measurable economic impact


When was Carney Fest Founded?


Where does the name Carney come from?

The name is inspired by Leon Russell’s 1972 critically all aimed album, “Carney” since this is the year that Leon purchased The Church Studio and turned it into a world-renowned recording studio and home office to Shelter Records.

What is the theme of the festival?

The overarching theme of the festival is an old-school carnival-type vibe, something you’d see in the early 1970’s including jugglers, unicyclists and stilt walkers. The food and merch also support this retro feel.

What does Carney Fest benefit?

In addition to the economic impact to the community, any remaining proceeds after musicians, artists and vendors are compensated will benefit the mission of the Church Studio Music Foundation, a 501(c)3 public charity.

How are bands chosen?

The artists are invited from a pool of the previous year’s recording studio clients of The Church Studio.

Is The Church Studio open to the public? 

Yes! The Church Studio will be open to the general public for tours and as a go-to resource during the festival.

Are pets allowed?


Are kids allowed?


Will this be a ticketed event?

Upon purchase, a QR code will be sent to the purchaser's email. Additionally, there will be a check-in desk at the event that will have your information.

Where will the event be held?

On the grounds outside of the studio from E. 3rd Pl. to E. 4th Pl.

How do you become a vendor at the festival?

Information can be found at this link. VENDORS

How do you sponsor the event?

We couldn't do Carney Fest without the support of our sponsors. Click this link for more information. SPONSORS

How do I buy tickets to Carney Fest and what do VIP tickets include?

Information can be found at this link. TICKETS

Will there be Carney Fest merch available to purchase at the event?

Yes, and cash and credit will be accepted as forms of payment.

Will Carney Fest live streamed?

No, although footage may be shared later. We hope to have you there!

Are there lodging discounts in Tulsa for Carney Fest ticket holders?

Yes, there is special pricing at the Tulsa Club and Hyatt Regency. Please mention that you are booking for Carney Fest at The Church Studio.

How do we get in contact with someone for questions about Carney Fest? 

Questions can be sent at this link. CONTACT

How Do You Do Carney Fest?

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The Church Studio Music Foundation

The purpose of this 501c3 public charity is to support the understanding, appreciation, and advancement of music. The Church Studio, a historic structure converted into a recording studio in 1972 by Leon Russell, supports the affiliated foundation by engaging the community through music programs, festivals, video, film, artist development, education and an array of other programs.